The Starlight Story

Starlight was created to help women find real, lasting rest and true life. The store sells products that help women relax and slow down. From soft, cozy sleepwear to jewelry and journals, we hope you find something that brings rest to your soul.

Allison Entrekin

As a young girl growing up in Central Florida, Allison Entrekin loved stories. She would act them out in plays she made up with her three little sisters, write them on sheets of paper and staple them into books, and tell them to the wind during what she now believes were her first encounters with God.

Though she’s all grown up, Allison still tells stories. She’s a travel writer with a master’s degree in journalism who has written for Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, USA TODAY, and The Telegraph. She’s executive editor of Southbound Magazine and a longtime member of the Society of American Travel Writers.

Allison lives in Atlanta with her husband, Ward, her two young children, and a poorly trained Boston Terrier. Although she travels for a living, she thinks quite a lot about how to find rest, peace, and a renewed connection with God when she’s at home in her everyday life. It’s a topic she loves exploring through Starlight, sharing her stories and hearing those of other women she admires.

Amy Glass

From day one Amy always loved talking... talking to her family, talking to her friends, talking to anyone who would listen. As she grew older, she started to find a real joy in talking about deep matters of the heart.

She has always enjoyed people (as long as they leave by 9pm) and getting to know who someone really is and what makes them tick. And while she enjoys experiencing all the many luxuries life has to offer, she has no real interest in discussing the substance-less things of this world, which makes her either a great or unwelcomed dinner guest. Amy has taken her love of communication into a career in public relations and currently works at The Home Depot Foundation.

Amy is a newlywed and lives in Atlanta with her husband Jon and their wild, sweet light-of-their-lives-puppy, Queen Saba Glass. In a twist of events believed to be organized by God, Amy joined Allison in starting Starlight to help women find rest and realized no one needed to stop striving and find rest more than her.