Relief from Religion

When you think of God what do you think of?

For so many years, I believed (and if I'm honest, can sometimes still slip into believing) that I needed to get my act together, to clean myself up, to get it together before I could go to God. Somewhere along the way, I decided that's what it meant to be a Christian. Just be a good girl and your life will work out just how you want it to. And religion teaches us just that - get it together, stop misbehaving and then you can talk to some far-off, distant God. And if he likes you, he'll respond. And if not, you're on your own. So I think that's where a lot of us land... we're Christians, we know Jesus, but we often feel all alone. 

I know when I blow it... again... by snapping at my husband or feeling jealous of someone else's life or not loving someone well, I tend to hide from God. And think, I'll just figure this all out and then jump back into my relationship with God once I've got it all cleaned up. Religion makes up believe we have to act like this. But the Gospel flips this whole idea on its head.

The Gospel says yes, we've screwed up and yes, we're not perfect and yes, we actually don't always love ourselves or our family & friends well, but guess what - God knows that and he loves us and to take it a step further, he pursues us anyways. He wants to come into our lives, not when we've gotten it all together, but really when we're a mess and need him. He wants to take our hand and show us the next step in the right direction. What he's inviting us to is an intimate, day-to-day, best friend-type relationship where he knows the deep waters of our hearts and we don't have to feel ashamed about anything. Just typing that sentence alone brings relief to me.

So what area can you invite your loving, kind, gentle father into this week? 

We have a simple prayer that's been helpful to us, if you'd like to pray it. "Jesus, come into my daily life and walk with me step-by-step to show me who you created me to be." And we bet you'll be blow away by what happens! 

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