Forgiveness Prayer

Forgiveness Prayer from Christian Healing Ministries

Lord, what I am about to do is not easy for me. In fact, its one of the toughest things I've ever done. Help me do this. This entire act of forgiveness is contrary to my nature, but You humbled yourself coming here and I want to do the same. So, regardless of how I feel about this at this moment, I yield to You. I surrender to Your righteous reign and sovereign dominion. You alone are God Lord, You know what I'm about to tell you but I'm going to say it anyway - I have been hurt deeply and I am hurting. As a result, I am hurting others. Hurt people, hurt people.

When I look inside, I feel like parts of my soul have been stolen. Like parts of me are missing. As a result, there is unforgiveness in me. I can feel it. It doesn’t like me praying this prayer. But Lord, I don’t want it anymore. Here's my heart, take this stone from me. I forgive __ (name them out loud one by one). I forgive them for what they did to me. (If you want to name the acts, do it.) Lord, I give every hurtful act to you. I also give justice to you. I take my hands off the outcome and release them from my judgment and into your hands. Completely. (It may be cheesy, but take your hand, pick it off your heart, place it in your other hand, and offer it up to God).

Having done so Lord, I ask that you release me from these chains. As I have cut them free, I ask that You cut me free. I declare that I have forgiven them, that their sins are forgiven them, and that You have forgiven me. I declare that no matter the injustice, no matter the pain, no matter the hurt and anguish they have caused me, I forgive them outright and completely. I tear up the IOU. They owe me nothing from this day forward. As You forgave me unconditionally on the Cross, I forgive them. Your Word says pray for those who persecute you and bless those who curse you, so in obedience to Your Word, I pray for them and I bless them in the Name and by the Blood of Jesus.

And, Lord. just being honest, when I grow weak in my conviction, and the pain of the memory returns and I shake my fist and want to turn the screws, see justice done my way

or take back the IOU, please forgive me, let me return here, give me this Grace again and I will give them to You again and again. I know me. and this might happen. Please forgive me when it does.

Lastly Lord, there is now this place in me. You know the one. Its the vacant place where the wound of unforgiveness festered. It’s raw. Painful. It needs You. And I can’t heal me. I am in desperate need of You. So, please send Your Holy Spirit right now, into the deepest, darkest, hurting, wounded places in me and bring healing. Restore to me my missing pieces. Make me whole again. By Your stripes I am healed, and I need that healing.

Jesus I know that it is Your heart to forgive. I want that. Today. Tomorrow. Every day. Pour it out on me. Give me Your heart. A new heart. Lastly Lord, if you've really done what I’ve just asked You to do, and I believe You have, then it would be rather unthoughtful of me not to thank You. So, I do. Really. I thank You Lord. Where else can I take this? Who else has any power to do anything with any of this? No one. Thank you for healing me, releasing me, and restoring me. For returning the pieces of me that were lost or stolen. In the name of Jesus, I release Your Holy Spirit to abound and grow and heal me, now. In Jesus name ...

Echo the words of Jesus - "Your sins are forgiven you."