It's a Process

Allison and I started thinking about process earlier this year when Ransomed Heart released their podcast on The World. For me, it really brought awareness to the truth that I really want what I want, when I want it all the time and modern-day convenience really empowers me to act that way. If I want dinner in 20 minutes delivered to my front door, all I have to do is make three taps in Uber Eats and boom it shows up. And at Starbucks, I’m not waiting in line anymore making small talk with my neighbors. Instead, as soon as I pull out of my driveway, I open the app, place my order and like magic, my Matcha Tea Latte is waiting for me as soon as I walk in the store. Life is extremely convenient these days. And this influences how I want my life to be.

I don’t want to wait. If I’m honest, I don’t really have to work hard at something to see change. I want to snap my fingers and for things to be different. And sometimes, I want to snap my fingers and for me to be different. But in God’s mercy, he doesn’t usually work this way.

I was reminded of the beauty of God’s mercy and how he works this morning on my drive into work. Around six years ago, I went through a broken engagement. It was an extremely painful time in my life and I was depressed, mad at God and just in a bad place. During that season, I would have done anything to snap my fingers and feel better. Honestly, that’s really all I was after at the time – I just wanted to feel ok. But God had more for me. He wanted my heart to be better. To really be better, not to just look better, and to heal those deep, hurting places.

This morning, as this song that God gave me during that season (Hillsong’s Came to Your Rescue) came on my Spotify, I remembered where I was then and how far God has brought me. If it wasn’t for God’s process, I wouldn’t have been ready for my husband when he entered the scene. I might have been able to fake it for a bit, but my soul and those deep places in my heart wouldn’t have been ready to receive Jon. Realizing this made me so incredibly grateful that God took his time with me to deal with the real issues inside me. It wasn’t fun and I would have clicked my heels together at any moment to speed it up or just end it all together, but it was worth it.

Where are you in process with God? What area of your life is he working through with you?

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to this week’s podcast on Process, you can listen here.