What Makes You Come Alive?

I love seeing women come alive. There is really nothing more beautiful to me than this. Ask a woman about something she loves and her entire demeanor will change. It truly is one of the most wonderful things to see. 

So much of finding out who we were created to be and living out the life we're destined to comes out of desire. Knowing what we want and then aligning our lives to head in that direction. The book The Alchemist comes to mind here. The entire book is about Santiago finding his way back to who he always knew he was. My life feels like this story as well.

The desires of our lives were written in our hearts before we were born. I have seen this to be true in my life and would suspect it's true in yours. The things I loved most and dreamed about as a little girl - playing at the beach, being on the water, spotting dolphins, creating things, enjoying beautiful sunsets, talking with my friends - are all things I love now. 

So what do you love? What makes you come alive? What are those things that you can completely lose yourself in? Spend some time reflecting on these questions, and I'll bet your find a clue about who you were created to be.