Welcome to Starlight

Starlight is a dream that started around eight years ago. A dream of creating a place where women could find rest and meaning and discover the beautiful, unique women they were created to be.

And today, Starlight comes to life. It’s a place of rest, beauty and real life built on the beliefs that the life you’ve always dreamed of is possible and there is a God who wants to lead you on a great adventure into that life.

What if this is true? What if the life you always imagined of when you were a young girl is waiting for you? And what if there is a God who wants to walk with you into that life in a way that is light and free and without heavy burdens? Wouldn’t that be so wonderful? Something inside us knows life is not meant to be lived at this chaotic pace, and together we want to uncover the way to living out authentic, true, meaningful lives.

We believe this is true and possible and that now more than ever, women need rest. As women, we have enough demands on our lives. Demands to be who everyone else thinks we should be. Demands to help other people. Demands to be skinnier, prettier, younger. We don’t have to tell you - we know you live in these demands day in and day out too, which is why we believe Starlight is necessary.

So join us on the journey of Starlight…