Break In - Prayer

To get more freedom, take time to go through these steps and then pray through the prayer at the end.

Situation: Describe the event that pushed your button - where you overreacted or underreacted (withdrawn, retreated, gone silent) - It is important to keep it to a single event. Overreacting is not just an outward expression, but could be withdrawing, hiding or avoiding a situation.

Thoughts: What were you thinking? What was your 1st thought? What was your next thought? What were you feeling? When have you thought or felt that way before? Write these things out (thoughts, emotions, behavior) Based on these thoughts, what does that say about you?

Emotions: What were you feeling?

Behavior: What were your actions?

What are the key words you’re hearing: Similar words that are repeated, perhaps around a theme

What message does the stronghold lie say about who you are? Summarize it to an I am statement.

  • I am (insert lie) (not good enough, too much, alone, a failure, bad, not nice, ugly, unattractive, not wanted, etc)

What message does this lie say about who God is to you or how he sees you? This is significant. What does your stronghold thought imply about what you have believed about God? This can often be hard to verbalize because it’s hard to believe you have really believed that. It’s not about what you believe in your head, it’s about what you believe in your heart and how it’s expressed in your life.

Confession of Sin: Believing a lie about myself or God is the roof of sin. My behavior flows from my responses to the lie(s).

  • Confess each of the lies you have believed & each of the God implications and ask God for forgiveness.

  • Write what believing these lies about yourself & God has cost you - in your heart, with God, with people and in life. Grieve the loss.

  • Renounce out loud each of the lies individually (ie - renounce the lie that I am….. say it out loud, “this is a lie, it is not true.”

  • Reject out loud in the authority of Jesus each of the lies individually (ie - in the authority and power of the cross, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, I reject the lie that I am (insert lie) and I send it to you Jesus for judgement.)

Ask God for the truth to replace the stronghold lie.

  • Ask Jesus to come and speak to you about what is true about you, Him and reality

  • Ask Jesus if there is any impression, picture, song or word he has for you

  • What is Jesus doing or saying to you right now? What do you see with the eyes of your heart?

How will my emotions change when I no longer believe this lie, but instead own the truth?

  • When you “own” what Jesus said to you & truly believe this, how can you expect this to affect your emotions?

How will my behavior change when I no longer believe this lie, but instead own the truth?

  • When you “own” what Jesus said to you and truly believe it, how will you live differently?